Be successful on your first attempt.

Detailed Course Materials
Our courses include detailed manuals, workbooks, and self assessment tools derived from the most recent blueprint updates.
Canadian Trained Instructors
Learn from instructors with real Canadian professional experience.
Low Student Teacher Ratios
Courses available with student-teacher ratios as low as 3:1.
Feedback and Individual Support
We are dedicated to offering the highest quality Written PCE and Clinical Exam prep, with support from a team of teachers, wherever you are.

Prepare for success on your Written PCE.

Live Teacher Virtual Course
Comprehensive, well-developed resources with instruction from a live instructor.
Premium Access Video Course
For motivated students that want to prepare for the Written PCE at their own pace.
Vignette Style Mock Exams
Practice the real thing. Vignette-style questions just like you'd find on the PCE.

Prepare for success on your Clinical Exam.

Practical Course for In-Person Clinical Exams
Prepare for Alberta's Post-Graduate and BC's Alternate Clinical Exams with our comprehensive prep courses.
Prep Course for Ontario's Clinical Exam
Prepare for the Ontario Clinical Exam using our comprehensive prep course and 1-on-1 live mock interview exam.
CPO Screening Interview Prep Course
Prepare for the College's Screening Interview with our prep course and mock interview.
Mock Exam Bundles for In-Person Clinical Exams
Prep for the Alberta or BC Clinical Exam with our comprehensive mock exam questions.

Free PT resources to help you pass!

Free 10 Question Mock Exam
Our 10 free mock exam questions are PCE sample questions. These PCE sample questions will help give you a good idea of what to expect on the real exam.
5 Day Written PCE Study Challenge
Need help kickstarting your studying? Take our challenge and receive daily questions in your inbox.
7 Day Clinical Exam Study Challenge
Learn key topics to help you pass the BC or Alberta Clinical Exams. Take this challenge and receive daily questions via email.
Free Live Webinars
Join our next free webinar! Our webinars are full of tips and tricks and cover highly examinable subjects on the Written PCE and Clinical Exams.
The PT Exam Prep YouTube Channel
Learn about the most highly examinable Written PCE and Clinical Exam topics from the extensive library of videos on our YouTube channel.
Free Anatomy Workbook
This resource is from our Written Course and gives you a sample of our anatomy workbook. It’s an easy-to-use musculoskeletal anatomy resource.

We've helped thousands of students pass the Written PCE and Clinical Exams.

Tiffany C.
Clinical Course Student
From beginning to end, I was impressed. Everything was organized, the videos were well done, the practice questions were comparable to the actual exam, it was exactly what I needed to study to pass the written exam. When I did have questions, the live office hours answered them. The staff was very knowledgeable.

We've helped thousands of students pass the Written PCE and Clinical Exams.

Caylan S.
Written Course Student
I passed the written! Honestly wouldn't have been able to do it without the PT Exam Prep. I had the worst exam experience as I was delayed 2 hours and told at one point I may or may not be able to write my exam. I was not in a good head space starting, but this course gave me the confidence to get through it!

We've helped thousands of students pass the Written PCE and Clinical Exams.

Ayla F.
Written Course Student
Purchasing PT Exam Prep's PAVC was the best thing I did. The PCE is a hard exam and challenging to prepare for. The PT Prep courses not only gives you the content you need to pass but also gives you lots of ways to apply that information so that you can answer all the challenging questions the exams throw at you.