Upcoming Webinars

Must Know Anatomy Part 2
Students who attend this webinar will gain valuable information on what type of anatomy questions might pop up during the PCE.
This is the second session of a two-part webinar, where we will go over must know anatomy for passing the PCE. I will also review tips and memorization hacks to help you master this difficult subject. If you missed Must Know Anatomy for the PCE pt.1. Don't worry, this session will be helpful regardless of if you attended the first session!
Mastering Ethics for the PCE & Clinical Life
Get your ethics game on and join me for this webinar!
We will review ethical questions that often stump students and go over the gold standard for dealing with these tough scenarios.
Breathing Exercises for Everyday Practice
Learn how to properly prescribe breathing exercises!
We will go over how to properly prescribe breathing exercises and cover important frameworks for clearing these PCE stations.