Upcoming Webinars

Spinal Cord Injuries - What You Need to Study
We'll cover various SCI topics that you'll need to study in order to be successful on the written and practical exams.
This webinar will be taught by PT Exam Prep's Erin Reeds, who is a neuro guru! She will be reviewing tips for both the written and practical exam, including a list of must know SCI study topics for each exam.
How to Prep for the OCE
Learn strategies to help you prepare for the Ontario Clinical Exam.
During this session, we'll cover when and how to study for the OCE.
Mini Mock Exam (with intense feedback!)
This webinar is for students preparing for the CAPR's Written PCE
During this session, we'll go through a series of vignette style questions just like you'll find on the Written PCE and review the best answer for each question. This webinar is a great self assessment tool to see how well your preparation is going.
Joint Mobilizations for the Written and Clinical Exams
This webinar is for students preparing for the Written PCE or Clinical exam.
During this webinar, we will teach you PT Exam Prep's framework for passing these difficult questions and go over contraindications, treatment parameters, and several practice scenarios.
6 Things You Need to Know to Pass the Written Exam
Learn strategies to help you succeed on the Written PCE.
During this session, we'll cover six key things you need to know to pass the Written PCE, which includes what topics study, how to test your knowledge, and other key tips and tricks.
Navigating Safety Issues on the PCE
During this session, we will discuss important safety considerations for both for the written and clinical exams!
To help you prep for this session we encourage you to review subjective history taking, treatment plans and goals for post-surgical patients and safe mobilization principles.