Upcoming Webinars

Navigating Safety Issues on Physiotherapy Exams
During this session, we will discuss important safety considerations for both for the written and clinical exams!
To help you prep for this session we encourage you to review subjective history taking, treatment plans and goals for post-surgical patients and safe mobilization principles.
Written Mock PCE with Feedback
This webinar is for students preparing for the CAPR's Written PCE.
During this session, we'll go through a series of vignette style questions just like you'll find on the Written PCE and review the best answer for each question. This webinar is a great self assessment tool to see how well your preparation is going.
Mastering Ethics for the PCE & Clinical Life
Get your ethics game on and join me for this webinar!
During this FREE webinar, we will review ethical questions that often stump students and go over the gold standard for dealing with these tough scenarios. We will also go over ethics from a clinical perspective.
Cardio Pulmonary Special Topics - Breathing Exercises Explained
Learn how to properly prescribe breathing exercises!
We will go over how to properly prescribe breathing exercises and cover important frameworks for clearing these clinical stations.
Exercise Progressions and Regressions for the PCE
Learn the key points to exercise prescriptions.
We will walk you through some tips on exercise prescriptions including: appropriate exercises, demonstrating exercises, and giving feedback.