Upcoming Webinars

Cranial Nerves Made Easy!
Learn what you need to know about cranial nerves.
We will walk you through general anatomy of cranial nerves, how to assess each cranial nerve function and what normal and abnormal tests look like.
Practice Vignette Style Mock Exam Questions
This webinar is for students preparing for the CAPR's Written PCE
During this session, we'll go through a series of vignette style questions just like you'll find on the Written PCE and review the best answer for each question. This webinar is a great self assessment tool to see how well your preparation is going.
TMJ Bootcamp
Learn the key points involved in a TMJ objective exam.
We will cover what's involved in the TMJ objective exam. I'll also give you a helpful handout for memorizing the actions of the TMJ muscles. This is a must attend webinar!
Difficult Transfers Made Easy
Transfers are a hard topic, so it's easy to understand why this is one of our most popular webinars so make sure you attend!
During this webinar we will show you an easy to use flowchart to help you determine which transfer you should use. We guarantee you will leave this webinar feeling more prepared for these types of stations.
Joint Mobilizations
This webinar is for students preparing for the Written PCE or Clinical exam.
During this webinar, we will teach you PT Exam Prep's framework for passing these difficult questions and go over contraindications, treatment parameters, and several practice scenarios.
6 Things You Need to Know to Pass the Written Exam
Learn strategies to help you succeed on the Written PCE.
During this session, we'll cover six key things you need to know to pass the Written PCE, which includes what topics study, how to test your knowledge, and other key tips and tricks.