The first step for any Internationally Educated Physiotherapist (IEPT) should be to review the credentialing application process on the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators’ (CAPR) website. The CAPR is the credentialing and assessment agency on behalf of the Canadian provincial and territorial physiotherapy regulators (called Colleges). It’s responsible for reviewing the education and qualifications of applicants educated outside of Canada to determine whether or not they are substantially different from those of Canadian-educated physiotherapists. We encourage all IEPTs to take a look at the CAPR’s Credentialling Application Process Guide by clicking here.

If an IEPT received their entry-to-practice physiotherapy education outside of Canada they will need to apply for a credentialing assessment to determine if their education is not substantially different from Canadian-educated physiotherapists. There will either be a precedent or non-precedent case based on where an IEPT completed their PT education. In order to be a precedent case, The CAPR must have completed an assessment of an applicant with similar education as the IEPT. The following must be met:

  • Similarities in degree format
  • Similar course of study
  • Same PT program
  • Similar or close graduation year

If there isn’t a precedent case, the IEPT’s file will be assigned as a non-precedent.

The CAPR will evaluate an IEPT’s application for five main things:

  1. Verification of Identity
  2. Equivalent Education Level
  3. Supervised Clinical Practice
  4. Language Proficiency
  5. Knowledge of Canadian Healthcare System

All of the above criteria will be included in the four main application forms.  Once an IEPT submits all of the required credentialing documents it generally takes about 5 to 9 weeks for the CAPR to review a precedent application. Non-precedent applications will take longer to review. If an IEPT meets all five criteria they’ll receive an eligibility letter from the CAPR allowing them to attempt the Written Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE).

Are you planning on immigrating to Canada to pursue a career as a PT? Check out our video on the Canadian credentialing process below.


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