This is a high examinable topic, since it’s a great way to evaluate entry level cardiorespiratory therapy. Breathing exercises are just like any other exercise prescription station on your exam. In order to receive full marks, you need to provide proper FITT parameters, including feedback on their performance (remember PT Exam Prep’s exercise prescription framework!).

FITT Parameters:

  • 10x per every waking hour
  • Sitting if possible
  • Long slow 4 second inspiration through nose
  • Only perform 3-4 breathes in a row to avoid dizziness

Do you know the difference between breathing exercises and secretion clearance techniques?

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Postural drainage positioning
  • Active cycle of breathing (ACB)
  • Pursed lip breathing
  • Breath stacking with maximum inspiratory hold
  • Cough

Email us your answers! Also, check out our short video on diaphragmatic breathing below.


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